It’s safe to say that Hayter are one of our all-time favourite lawnmower manufacturers; they genuinely represent the Rolls-Royce standard of rotary lawn mowers.

This year Hayter released a whole new vision for the Harrier series, and a few months down the line we can safely say that we are impressed!

Hayter have been making top-notch lawnmowers since 1946, based in Hertfordshire (which is a lovely place to visit!) so we’re very proud to be able to sell a truly British product that just happens to be the top of the range.

So here are some key features of the new Harrier machines, for full listing visit

  • Quality – this remains incredibly high; still using top-end components such as Aluminium for the deck, and their excellent friction-disc system to protect the engine crankshaft (a lifetime guarantee)
  • Blades – The lawnmower blade may seem like a basic piece of technology, but this is wholly untrue. That blade, spinning around at 2700rpm, has to make the grass stand up to be cut cleanly, then create enough lift to throw the grass into the bag. Well this year sees a new blade design that creates a huge amount of airflow, to lift and bag better than ever.
  • Washing – Every Hayter Harrier now features a wash port, utilising standard garden hose connectors, meaning there is no excuse for having an unclean machine. Simply affix your hose when you have finished mowing, run the engine and the machine will clean itself.
  • Stripes – All the domestic Hayter Harriers (the green ones) now feature split-rollers, this means that the roller is less likely to mark the lawn when turning, and increases the traction

Why would we buy a £1000 Hayter when the supermarket sells them for £200

You know the old sayings –

  1. You get what you pay for‘ (or ‘You pay for what you get‘ as some people say)
  2. Buy cheap, buy twice’
  3. Too good to be true’ 
  4. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices are forgotten
  5. Quality is an investment in the future

These are all great and accurate when it comes to cheap VS quality lawnmowers. A Hayter lawnmower is an investment that, if cared for, will last well over 20-25 years. Hayter use only quality parts, and quality does not come cheap, but it does last.

We have personally worked on Hayter mowers from the early 1980’s, that have survived because of their quality, and their owners.


We cannot say the same for ANY supermarket brands, in fact their lifespans are typically 2-5 years at best, having to continue to reinvest in new mowers is not a cost saving exercise.


Digression as an aside…

The new Hayter Harrier range represents Hayter’s most advanced lawnmower to date, approximately 90% different to last years offering, and rich in features and quality alike.
We are proud to sell Hayter, and confident that when you decide to buy a Hayter, you will be entirely satisfied with your purchase for many years to come.

“Sooner or later, you’ll buy a Hayter”