Echo are no strangers to the garden machinery industry, in fact their innovations have helped to shape the tools we all see as standard, they invented and refined the backpack blower.

Now they have yet more innovations to share with the world, and we were lucky enough to have a sneak peak at what is coming.

First we have the awesomely powerful new Echo X-Series PB-8010

This all-new backpack blower is a beast, which is why it falls under Echo’s new X-Series moniker. Essentially Echo are using the X-Series labelling to highlight any machine that is the best in class. This means anytime you see ‘X-Series’ you can be confident that the machine is powerful, light weight, and offers great productivity.

Because you will only see ‘X-Series’ on their very best machines it also helps professionals choose the right machine.

Having tried the PB-8010 one of the most astounding things is that it doesn’t twist the user at all. Because the tubes are very large in diameter, the airflow isn’t restricted too much. This means that the blower doesn’t twist the user, no matter the users size. We found this really impressive!

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The PB-8010 stand-out specs

  • Blowing force is 20-30% greater than competitors machines
  • Fuel tank is up to 77% greater than competitors machines
  • Two-stage air filtration system

Features and Benefits

  • 79.9 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine
  • Heavy-duty backpack straps for all-day comfort
  • Fan intake circulates air and cools user’s back
  • Large see-through fuel tank
  • Patented wear ring reduces tube wear
  • Carbon-fibre frame and fan case for light weight
  • Large top-mounted pleated paper main filter plus foam prefilter

Next we have an unfloodable Echo Chainsaw; The CS-352AC.

The CS-352AC is a two stroke chainsaw with an automatic choke. Because the user doesn’t have to set the choke you can be certain that it will start easily every time. The saw cannot be flooded. For many of our customer this is going to absolutely change the game.

We enjoyed watching Steve from AriensCo demonstrate the saw, and how it really can’t be flooded!

We think this one is going to be a big hit.

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