Welcome to 2022!
2021 was tough on the industry with stock availability all over the place.

Way back in 2021, and indeed 2020, manufacturers in the industry were struggling for components, engines, even raw materials, and suppliers were struggling just as much with lack of stock, the issues compounding each other.
We played it safe, remaining stock-heavy all year allowed us to provide the machines that our customers needed with very little interruption.

2022 is, unfortunately, shaping up to be very similar to 2021.
The cost of manufacturing is increasing, the cost and availability of components, and the cost of shipping containers have gone into overdrive; once again availability of stock is suffering.
This is as frustrating for us as it is for our customers!

The good news is that we’ve taken positive action early to get ahead of the curve, we will be stock heavy again this year, in fact we already have excellent stock of all our most popular products ready to go.
Our showroom has become more of a warehouse, but that’s ok!

Our advice is simple; if you’re able to buy, buy early. No one ever regrets being well prepared!

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